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Accmmodation (two options)

1) On-campus staying 

    1. Lincoln Hall operated by East West Center
    2. Frear Hall operated by University of Hawaii at Manoa
    3. Important: When you register at the conference website, anyone interested in reserving on-campus accommodations will be instructed to email a staff (Seth Calderhead, email: sethc7@hawaii.edu) directly.

2) Off-campus options

    1. No official affiliated hotels to the conference
    2. But recommendable hotels would be
      • Ala Moana Hotel (next to Ala Moana Shopping Center); Hilton Waikiki Village; Sheraton Waikiki; Waikiki resort hotel; Holiday Inn; Marriott Hotel; Hyatt Waikiki; Royal Hawaiian (expensive); Kahala (expensive, distant from the Waikiki Beach).
      • If you would like to take a bus, you should ask the registration desk at the hotels by asking the bus number and approximate travel time. Or visit the website (http://www.thebus.org/)


1) From Airport to your lodging

2) Taxi

    1. The CAB: http://www.thecabhawaii.com/
    2. Korean-speaking
    1. Japanese-speaking
    1. Chinese-speaking

3) Shuttle options (from airport to the hotels)

    1. Speed shuttle: http://www.speedishuttle.com/pickup
    2. Roberts Hawaii: http://www.airportwaikikishuttle.com/

4) The Bus (very well-connected, reliable)http://www.thebus.org/

5) Rental Cars

    1. Rental cars available at the Honolulu International Airport
    2. On-campus rental: Enterprise at East West Center: http://www.enterprise.com/car_rental/deeplinkmap.do?gpbr=3652&bid=004&cnty=US
      Enterprise Rent-A-Car
      1951 East WEST RD RM 118, HONOLULU, HI 96844-0001

Key areas

  1. Waikiki
  2. Ala Moana Center
  3. Manoa (University of Hawaii of Manoa)


  1. Campus map: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/campusmap/uhmmap.pdf
  2. Google Map for attractions: https://www.google.com/

Relevant Links

  1. Center for Korean Studies, UHM: http://www.hawaii.edu/korea/
  2. Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work, UHM: http://www.hawaii.edu/sswork/
  3. East West Center, UHM: http://www.eastwestcenter.org/
  4. University of Hawaii at Manoa: http://manoa.hawaii.edu/

Other Information

  1. 10-15 minutes (by driving) from Waikiki or Ala Moana Center to the venue
  2. Early booking strongly encouraged due to the peak season (end of July)
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