Handbook on East Asian Social Policy

Handbook on East Asian Social Policy

Edited by Misa Izuhara, University of Bristol, UK and published by Edward Elgar Publishing


This major publication output from the East Asian Social Policy research network presents original research from leading specialists (many of them are the EASP members) in the fields, and provides a fresh and updated perspectives to the study of social policy. It will be the key resource and companion to those academics, researchers and students working in the fields of social policy in the region and beyond.

Contributors include: K. Caraher, H.M. Chan, K.W. Chan, R.K.H. Chan, Y.-f. Chang, Y.J. Choi, R. Forrest, J. Hudson, G.-J. Hwang, M. Iwata, M. Izuhara, D. Jung, P. Kennett, Y.-w. Ku, M. Lau, S. Liu, W.Y.W. Lo, T.-l. Lui, K.K. Mehta, K.H. Mok, L. Ngan, K. Ngok, C.-u. Park, R. Ronald, N. Soma, S. Sung, S. Takegawa, A. Walker, C.-K. Wong, L. Wong, J. Yamashita

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EASP contributed publication: Handbook on East Asian Social Policy (EE)