Dear EASP conference participants,

This is an important update on the upcoming EASP Conference at Nagoya University on 2-3 August 2017.

1. Provisional programme

Please find provisional conference programme. It states the timing of the opening and closing of the conference together with the overall schedule including plenary speakers and individual session schedules. It is important for you to check if all the information regarding your presentation (name, affiliation and title) are correct. Please email ( if you have any queries.

We are pleased to announce that, prior to the conference dinner (2nd August), we will have a short performance of Nohgaku (the oldest genre of drama in Japan) by Mr. Kazufusa Hosho, the 20th head of Hosho school which has continued since 14th century.

>> Download 14th EASP Conference Schedule

2. Full papers

For those who are willing to share your conference paper, there is a portal to deposit it. Please upload the PDF file of your paper or slides to the following folder by yourself. If you were Mr.Kamimura of Stream 1.1, the file name should be “1.1kamimura.pdf”. Though there is no deadline for submission, it is advisable to upload by 25th July to be widely read. All participants are welcome to download the files but please contact authors for citation. Please “copy and paste” rather than “drag and drop” so that the original files remain in the folder.!AtpaYAKoc-UOnmXP4tIpElot6y7i

3. Paper sessions

We will allow 20 minutes for each paper presentation including Q&As. The programme is full so please respect the timing and prepare your presentation accordingly. A PC and a projector will be available in each room. Please bring your slides (Powerpoint etc.) on a USB and use the PC provided for presentation instead of your own. No printing service will be available.

4. Venue

The conference will take place in Toyoda Auditorium of Nagoya University. The building is the symbol of Nagoya University and you cannot miss it (see the photo on the cover and maps on pp.23-25 of the programme).

5. Excursion

You are invited to a tour to’ Gojikara Village’, a unique nursing home (30 minutes’ drive from Nagoya University), on Friday 4th August 2017. A maximum of 20 people can join on a first-come-first-served basis. We will gather at 9 am and come back at 1 pm. Please register ASAP using the following form if you would like to join.

Please contact the organising team ( if you have any further queries. We look forward to seeing you at the conference in August!

Best wishes,


The EASP conference organising team

14th EASP conference important updates