Dear Prospective Participants (13th EASP Conference)

We would like to inform two critical items for your action and recognition: 1) registration; 2) hotel accommodation.

1. Registration

Please visit the below web page for your registration. Filling out all required sections would be quite important for us to track your participation. We might have missed emails of your co-authors. If your co-authors want to join in, please forward this message to them and verify their registration.

Registration Deadline: May 31, 2016

2. Hotel Information

Attached are two docs: 1) hotel information; 2) registration. Please see the attached files for getting information about headquarter hotel (discounted price) & other hotels as well as registration sheet for the headquarter hotel.

Important: It’s your responsibility to fill out the registration form and submit directly to the hotel if you want to stay over there. 

>> the accommodation information (PDF)
>> Room reservation request (Ever 8 Business Hotel) (PDF)

3. Other stuff

Other information such as transportation & program book will be shared later on upon completion from the host party.

Thanks again for your interest and participation for 13th EASP Conference!

Bum Jung Kim (Secretary of EASP)
on behalf of 13th EASP Organizing Committee

Registration and accommodation for the 13th conference