(1) 10th Annual Conference Successfully held at Beijing Normal University

In collaboration with College of Social Development and Public Policy of Beijing Normal University, the EASP had successfully organized the 10th Annual Conference in Beijing, China in July 2014 with over 120 participants / presenters joining the conference. We all enjoyed the high level of discussions and presentations during the conference. Two possible venues were identified for the 2013/14 conference and finally the committee members, after consulting possible hosts from Hawaii and Seoul, decided to hold the conference at University of Hawaii at Manoa from 24-25 July 2014.

(2) Supporting the Second International Conference on Social Policy and Governance

In reaching out to different academic partners, the EASP supported the Second International Conference on Social Policy and Governance: Policy Learning and Policy Transfer in Asia. The Centre for Greater China Studies and the Department of Asian and Policy Studies of the Hong Kong Institute of Education was the host, with co-organizers from South China University of Technology and University of York, UK. The conference was also supported by EASP, Journal of Asian Public Policy and Policy & Society. The conference was successfully held at the Hong Kong Institute of Education in December 2013 with over 100 people.

(3) Organizing the 2013/14 Annual Conference of EASP at University of Hawaii, USA

With the strong support from Center for Korean Studies and Myron B. Thompson School of Social Work of University of Hawaii at Manoa, the EASP will have its annual event from 24-25 July 2014. More than 100 participants / presenters joining the annual event and we would expect very productive discussions during the conference.

(4) Publishing Opportunity for Members 

The President of EASP, Professor Ka Ho Mok recently met the Acquisitions Editor in Social Sciences of Cambridge University Press and the Press is very keen to look for good book proposals for their book series related to comparative developments and public policy. Members are strongly encouraged to prepare proposals and Cambridge University Press is happy to facilitate the publication plans with the consent that EASP would also be featured in these books affiliating with the EASP Network.

By Ka Ho Mok, President of EASP

Annual Report of East Asia Social Policy Research Network 2013/14