Dear all participants to the 16th EASP conference in Taipei

Conference programme

Please find the conference programme, including the detailed proceeding of the conference. Please email ( if you have any queries.

Please find our final programme linked below.

>> Click here to download the final programme in full

Paper sessions

We allocate 30 minutes for each paper (roughly 20 minutes for presentation followed by 5-10 minutes Q&A). We have packed the programme so we would appreciate it if you could keep time. It is also important to maintain a supportive session environment for productive discussion.A laptop and a projector will be available in each room. Please bring your slides (Powerpoint etc.) on a USB and use the laptop provided for presentation instead of your own. 

Conference dinner

The dinner will take place on the first conference day at the Howard Civil Service International House ( A 15-minute walking distance from the conference venue.

We are pleased to announce that, prior to the conference dinner (2ndJuly), there will be a special performance of Glove Puppetry at the conference venue by HungwanranPuppet Theatre. This is a traditional acrobatic street performance popular throughout the Chinese-speaking world, in which the stage is placed on the shoulders. The exhibition area illuminates the different forms of glove puppetry stages, the process of making puppet heads, their elaborately embroidered costumes, the instruments that are played backstage, and more.

Conference venue

Tsai Lecture Hall, College of Law, National Taiwan University, 1, Sec. 4, Roosevelt Road, Taipei, Taiwan.

>> check the venue in google map

How to get there

Please follow the website instruction:

N.B.: Although the postal address of the campus is Roosevelt Road, the conference venue is actually at the intersection of Xinhai Road and Fuxing S. Road. The closest MRT stop is Technology Building.

We very much look forward to seeing you all!

Important Information for the 16th EASP Annual Conference