Dear Prospective Participants,

This is the second important update on upcoming 13th EASP Conference at Ewha Womans’ Univ. in South Korea b/w July 1-2 , 2016.

With collaboration from the host party (truly appreciate enormous effort to organize this conference, in particular, Dr. Sophia Lee & Ms. Yuhwi Kim at Ewha Womans’ Univ), I would like to share a couple of critical updates for your information & prep for your travel.

1. Tentative Program Book

Please find the tentative program book below for your confirmation and correction. In the book, you can figure out the overall schedule, assigned rooms, keynote speakers, the date/time/room for your presentation, registration location, welcoming dinner, etc.

>> EASP Tentative Program Book

It is very important for you to check & confirm all information of your presentation (author names, affiliations, title). Any missing info or wrong description you find, please let us know as soon as possible via this email (

If you want to change date/time of your presentation for whatever reasons, please let us know your preferred date/time and the rationale to switch into another time slot ( However, we expect very minimal requests in terms of changing presentation time due to reduce further complication or sophistication.

2. Deadlines of Conference Registration & Accommodation

a. The deadline of conference registration is May 30, 2016.

b. The deadline of booking the main hotel for a discounted price is May 20, 2016.

3. Travel Kit

Very kindly, the host party has developed a travel kit for your smooth arrival at the conference venue. Please find detailed description including transportation, conference venue, direction explanation from the link below.

>> EASP Information Kit

4. Additional Notice

a. The program book does not indicate session chairs yet. But soon-to-be informed once we finalize.

b. Cancellation: If need to cancel, please let us know sooner. Sooner is better than later.

We do hope you understand above notice and well respond to us in a timely manner for successful conference.


EASP Organizing Team

Conference updates: Program and travel