The East Asian Social Policy (EASP) Research Network is a regional association for academics, researchers, students and practitioners of social policy in East Asia and beyond.

The EASP was established in January 2005 to facilitate research exchange and co-operation among social policy analysts and to provide a forum and network of communication for the development of social policy as a discipline in East Asia. The Network welcomes comparative and multi-disciplinary approaches to the analysis of social policy in East Asia.

The specific objectives include:

  • Hosting annual conferences on selected themes
  • Promoting activities related to social policy in East Asia
  • Enhancing the quality of research of social policy in East Asia
  • Developing theories and knowledge of social policy from an East Asian perspective
  • Promoting comparative social policy within East Asia and between East Asia and other regions in the world
  • Supporting the development of knowledge, skills and experiences of doctoral students and early career researchers in the region
  • Promoting social policy in teaching and learning; and
  • Advancing the role of research in policy making, practice and wider public debates

The EASP is an outward-facing association and seeks to develop links with other relevant national and regional associations on related disciplines in East Asia and beyond.